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на Евразиянет.орг с Daniel Sershen

Baisalov dismissed suggestions of a conspiracy that involved vote-rigging. "This is made up by Ata Meken and others. Politics is not that complicated," he said. "There are no secret agreements."

Baisalov said the SDPK would continue to steer a middle-of-the-road course between Ata Meken and Ak Zhol, adding that Social Democrats would be open to forging a parliamentary coalition with either Bakiyev’s allies or his opponents. "Now we don’t owe our vote to anyone – we have a free mandate to choose our allies," he said.

Atambayev’s unceremonious departure may give the Social Democrats pause before they again sit down at the bargaining table, however. "All the Kyrgyz people have seen that Bakiyev does not keep his word," Baisalov said. "Atambayev was the last person – the last naìve person – to believe him."

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вроде Атамбаев согласился на премьерскую должность не из-за наивности, а по вполне разумным т.е. ненаивным причинам...? ты ведь тоже всегда так утверждал

да нет должность премьерская не вечна.

вопрос в другом - можно было две недели назад уйти или уж дать досидеть две недели.

да проехали уже, вообще то.

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